News - UNODC presents the report ‘The Illicit Drug Trade through South-Eastern Europe’ to senior counterparts in Serbia
June 18, 2014

UNODC presents the report ‘The Illicit Drug Trade through South-Eastern Europe' to senior counterparts in Serbia

18 June 2014, Belgrade, Serbia - UNODC held a presentation of the report ‘The Illicit Drug Trade through South-Eastern Europe' at the Ministry of Interior in Belgrade. The presentation was attended by senior law enforcement officers and managers of the Serbian Ministry of Interior and the Customs Administration, Assistant Minister of Justice and officials from the Ministry of Health.

The report was prepared by UNODC and the countries of the South Eastern European region with the generous contribution of Turkey and launched in Vienna at the margins of the 57th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs. The report can be reached through the following link:

Subsequently, the report was unofficially partially translated into some of the languages of the region and its presentations are being organized in Podgorica, Belgrade and Sarajevo.
In Belgrade, the UNODC officer presented the main findings of the report with the focus on heroin trafficking and the position of Serbia on the Balkan Route. The participants agreed with the findings of the report that ‘heroin seizures in Serbia have dropped in the recent period, which is in line with the overall trend in South-Eastern Europe' that cannabis is increasingly becoming a major problem, and also that ‘larger Serbian trafficking groups have moved away from heroin towards cocaine smuggling from South America to Europe'. The participants thanked UNODC for the report and said that it gives a good overall insight into the issue of illicit drugs in the region and in Serbia. 
The participants of the meeting also discussed methodologies of data collection in South Eastern European countries in general, as well as other drug control related topics - from operational work and sharing operational data with international police bodies to strategy and policy in this field. Furthermore, the topic of the upcoming first drug survey in Serbia was raised, as well as the issue of increasing drug consumption in the country. Finally, the question of verdicts in drug-related cases was also mentioned. The meeting also recalled the UNODC-led Paris Pact Initiative, including its Drug Monitoring Platform.