News - The National Consultation in Serbia have reached over 10.000 people
March 12, 2013

Latest results

- Consultation reached over 10.000 people - through the portal, social media and direct consultations.

- More than 5000 fulfilled questionnaires, 2000 from direct consultations and 3000 questionnaires through the website .


- Up to now we have had 20 events across Serbia (7 workshops, 8 discussions, 1 debate, 1 interview, 3 discussions/consultations)

- Over 1000 people participated in workshops and discussions, including children and youth, women and old people from rural and urban areas, trade unions, employers' associations, farmers, women's associations, Roma, migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons, students, NGOs, experts in different fields, representatives of health and education system and decision-makers.

- We organized a drawing and photo contest "Serbia We Want" for children. All children who participated had an opportunity to visit the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, meet the musician and enjoy the concert. The six best participants got the art books.

- The song "Life is Beautiful", and a music video, were recorded by young music artists and is currently on the MTV Top 20 list.

- On the UN Country team Facebook page there have been posted over 60 posts regarding the consultation process, while 5000 people participated in 40 thematic discussions. Through Facebook , we have reached more than 180.000 people in just one week.

- We had more than 40 media appearances as well as many news articles published.

- Over 9000 people have visited the