News - Young MTV music stars recorded a song for the Serbia We Want initiative
March 7, 2013

The song "Life is beautiful ", presented by Maja i Marko Stojanović (Maraqya band), Saška Janković, Bojana Stamenov, Saša Vasić i Ognjen Kostić - Struka, is a part of the global consultation process "The World We Want 2015" organized by the United Nations.


In countries around the world, under the auspices of the United Nations, open consultations are conducted in order to recognize the main problems in the world and propose the best ways to address them. The consultations are held under the slogan "The World We Want 2015" and their goal is to help the voice of the citizens around the world to be heard, creating strategic coalitions and partnerships that may help shaping a new development agenda for the period after 2015. Within the national consultations in Serbia, a group of young and talented musicians made the song "Life is beautiful ". The musicians found out about the consultations from Facebook and television, and soon after they decided to give their contribution to the initiative "Serbia We Want" by recording this song. 
The song was created after my sister Maja and I saw the web site , where we learned about the imitative and liked the idea from the first moment. We like the fact that common people are asked how they would change things in the country and make people satisfied and positive. We decided to record a song that will promote all the beautiful things in life, which means smile, happiness, love and positive energy. We had invited a group of talented and creative people - our friends to join us in this project . They accepted our invitation without any questions when they heard what is the song about. Everything happened in a couple of days and I am glad that a lot of people already had a chance to hear it, says Marko Stojanovic, a front man of the band Maraqya.
The consultation process in our country, within the initiative "Serbia We Want" is a chance for all citizens of Serbia to say their opinions and ideas for development priorities.


What are the problems we face in Serbia, why is it like that, how problems could be solved, how can I contribute...are some of the questions that you will have an opportunity to answer if you visit the web