United Nations Department of Safety and Security

For the first half-century of its existence, the United Nations felt protected by its flag and the reality that it was a neutral, benevolent actor in world events. Regrettably, the security environment for the United Nations changed and became more threatening. In addition, the mandates of the United Nations evolved, resulting in a larger number of United Nations staff members, notably from the humanitarian agencies, being deployed on potentially hazardous missions. The United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 59/276, part XI on 23rd December 2004, approved the establishment of the Department of Safety and Security in the United Nations. The United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) was established in January 2005 to provide policy and facilitate security management for all UN operations worldwide.

The Department of Safety and Security is responsible for providing leadership, operational support and oversight of the security management system, ensure the maximum security for staff and eligible dependants as well as enable the safest and most efficient conduct of the programmes and activities of the United Nations System.

About UNDSS in Serbia

In order to provide security support to UN Designated Official for Security and UN System Organizations, UNDSS established an office in Belgrade in 2006 for Serbia, regional to Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary. Since that time the cooperation of UNDSS with UN System Organizations and respective Governments has been very rewarding. The UNDSS's goal is to continue to provide quality security advisory services, share best practices and support the respective Host Government’s efforts to address security challenges faced by UN System Organizations and staff members in these countries.