Donor's conference

In partnership with the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the EU Commission, the UN Country Team in Serbia supported and coordinated the organization of the Donors Conference.

The Conference took place in Brussels on July 16th 2015 in order to mobilize and further support to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the aftermath of floods.

Delegations of over 60 countries and 23 international organizations mobilized pledges of 995.2 million Euros for Serbia with 41.4 million pledged for cross-border activities.

More than 80% pf the pledged sum is provided in form of loan from International Financial Institutions. Out of 115 million Euros donations, around 85 million Euros (74%) is pledged by the European Union.

Apart from the pledges provided the representatives of Serbia, Bosnia, donors, development partners and CSO agreed to work jointly on:

  • Implementing flood prevention and flood risk management
  • Cooperating regionally for river basin management
  • Developing civil protection mechanisms
  • Fostering energy and ecosystem based adaptation policies
  • Developing climate resilient infrastructures
  • Financing private sector
  • Taking into account the social dimension of recovery and reconstruction including productive sector
  • Ensuring transparency, efficiency and accountability