UNOPS - United Nations Office for Project Services 
United Nations Office for Project Services
Address:  Šumatovacka 59, 11000 Belgrade
Telephone:  +381 11 243 57 03
Fax:  +381 11 245 07 72
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United Nations Office for Project Services

Global Fund LFA project office(LFA)
Address:  Visegradska 23, 11000 Belgrade
Telephone:  +381 11 3628 392
Fax:  +381 11 3628 392

PROGRES Project Office Novi Pazar / Prokuplje(PROGRES)
Address:  Kragujevacka 1, 36300 Novi Pazar; Timočka 4, 18400 Prokuplje
Telephone:  NOVI P. +381 20 337 300;337 301; PROKUPLJE +381 27 333 125;329 972
Fax:  NOVI P. +381 20 411 032; PROKUPLJE +381 27 3299 73

Global Fund SWIFT project office(SWIFT)
Address:  Visegradska 23, 11000 Belgrade
Telephone:  +381 11 3621 392
Fax:  +381 11 3621 392

Created by the General Assembly of the United Nations as a distinct part of the UN system, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) helps to translate the goals of the United Nations into effective action by providing a range of high quality, cost-effective project management and operational services to its clients, such as the United Nations system, the Bretton Woods institutions, Regional Development Banks and Governments (the latter in the areas of infrastructure and public works only). UNOPS services are also available to governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, and non-governmental organizations, through the United Nations system. UNOPS operates across all sectors and within all the regions of the globe where our clients work. We offer a broad range of services, from complete project management to the provision of specific implementation services including recruitment, financial management, procurement, organization of training programmes, project supervision and loan administration. UNOPS earns its income from services rendered and is the only entirely self-financing fee-for-service entity in the United Nations today. Our aim is to achieve the best results on time, on budget, and in ways that build local capacity whenever possible. And since we compete for work, we have an extra incentive to perform excellent quality work.

UNOPS in Serbia

UNOPS experience in Serbia up to date includes the following projects: Clean Up of Environmental Hotspots (Client: UNEP, Duration: 2002 – 2003, Type of Services: Project Management); City to City Programme (Client: UNDP, Duration: April 2002 – August 2006, Type of Services: Project Management) and Supervision and Monitoring for the Global Fund (Client: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), (Duration: April 2003 to date, Type of Services: Capacity Assessments and Programme Implementation Supervision). UNOPS has provided services to the GFATM since the Fund’s creation. UNOPS is one of GFATM’s qualified Local Fund Agents (LFA), designated for: Azerbaijan, China, India, Macedonia, Mongolia, Serbia, Tunis and UN administered Kosovo. In Serbia, The Global Fund currently supports two projects: Reducing the Burden of Tuberculosis on the Health Status of the Population, and Scaling up the National HIV/AIDS Response by Decentralizing the Delivery of Key Services. The Primary Recipient for both projects is the Ministry of Health of Serbia. As the LFA, before the grant, UNOPS has assessed the PR capacities in the areas of: institutional and programmatic management, financial management, procurement and supply management and monitoring & evaluation. UNOPS has also assisted GFATM with Grant Agreement negotiations with the PRs. Since commencement of the programme, UNOPS has been monitoring programmatic and financial aspects of the program implementation, towards meeting set programmatic targets. UNOPS has also assisted the grant closure procedure of the previously administered GFATM grant.